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Investing is not easy, but it should not be made complex.​ We offer a fully transparent, focused, and modern approach to investing. Its principles are sound and easy to understand. When you hire Stonegate as your investment advisor, you get a lot more than a traditional offering. We’ve built a team of talented professionals to give you greater value. We use a research-driven approach to guide our investment recommendations, and we give you a variety of communication, education, and reporting options.

An exceptional approach for exceptional investors

Stonegate does not waste your time or your money on unsustainable, speculative strategies. We've redirected talent toward understanding the history of financial markets, the evolution of financial economics research over the past 99+ years, asset class risk and return, your objectives, personal risk tolerance, capacity and the impact bad behavior and complexity can have on expected returns.​

Asset Allocation

We believe that diversifying investments across multiple asset classes is central to successful, long-term investment management.

Manager Selection

We use a rigorous and thorough methodology to identify active managers who can produce strong risk-adjusted results.


We are diligent in our implementation process with a dedicated eye toward minimizing costs. 

"The wisdom



We are not comfortable holding disproportionately large positions in a portfolio, no matter how attractive a company’s prospects. Out-sized positions represent too much risk in the event that the company stumbles. Consequently, we will trim large positions by re-balancing portfolio assets.

Portfolio re-balancing has the effect of reducing the risk of your portfolio, and it may also increase your long-term rate of return. The basic reason for re-balancing is to maintain your overall asset allocation (as it is written in your Investment Policy Statement "IPS"). Over time, you will find that certain asset classes will perform better than others in your portfolio. Re-balancing is the process of selling some of those asset classes that have done well and buying into asset classes that have done poorly. Academic research has shown that the returns of asset classes tend to revert to their long-term expected return. Therefore, in addition to reducing risk, re-balancing results in consistently “buying low” and “selling high” over the long run. 

   Each client's lifestyle requires distinct consideration. We work to shape your tomorrow by implementing           strategies utilizing the most efficient and effective means to realize your personal objectives. 

   These strategies may include:

Asset Allocation           Cash Flow Management            Tax Planning            Estate Planning              Retirement Planning             Business Succession

Philanthropy                 Retirement Planning                   Insurance                Pension Plans                 Family Governance              Health Solution   

                                                                                                                          (IPP / RCA)                                                                 (Medcan / Cleveland Clinic)


A Note From Doug

“The difference between knowing what you have

and knowing what’s possible”


At Stonegate, one of our most important tasks is to keep our clients invested. Only by staying invested over the long term can clients’ portfolios participate in the increased valuation of equities over time. Of course, if one could pick market tops to sell everything and identify market bottoms to reinvest, staying invested wouldn’t be so important. But timing the market is a fool’s game. Idle cocktail chatter aside, we have never encountered a consistently successful market timer.

To keep our clients comfortable enough to stay invested requires a communications and service effort which helps clients understand the dynamics of the markets and the companies in which they are invested. Not all clients have the same communication needs. Through periodic newsletters,  and frequent telephone and face to face meetings with our clients, we ensure our clients remain as fully informed as they feel they need to be. Good communication is only part of the story, however. Keeping clients comfortable with the markets also requires an investment style which minimizes volatility to the extent possible. We uncover tax inefficiencies and design solution to maximize your after tax rate of return, construct diversified investment portfolios, create retirement solutions and construct your life insurance to be an investment.

The growth, preservation, and inter-generational transfer of wealth have become trickier than ever. From the macroeconomics of an uncertain world to the tax problems faced by family members who live and work in different countries – and who often follow diverse aspirations – wealth management is a far different undertaking than it once was. We recognize the challenges our clients face; we know how to navigate the maze.


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